Lyle Dwarkin:


Olivia Whitehead, Wen Gifford, Stella Penn, Mo Banerjee, Charlie Hirsh, Naomi Fishmier




Ray Beech, Scott Pickett, other Mudslide Crush band members, Patty Norris, Patty Keane


Member of the A.V Club, treasurer of the A.V Club, student

Lyle Dwarkin:

Being a member of the A.V Club, the treasurer of the A.V Club, and having straigth A's, Lyle, Charlie's friend, has to be the biggest geek in school. But aside from that, it was Lyle that burned Lemonade Mouth's music into a C.D that got the whole school listening to them more and more.


Lyle, the nerdiest kid at school, is smart, loyal, positive and always has a quick witt.


Lyle is often described as tiny and the shortest kid in Lemonade Mouth's freshman class.

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