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What is Marlie?

"Marlie" is the romantic pairing of Mo Banjaree and Charlie Delgado (Mo + Ch/arlie). It is confirmed that Charlie likes Mo, but Mo likes Scott. Mo, however, may also have some feelings for Charlie. In the book, they end up together.

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Marlie Moments

Marlie 2

Deleted Tango Scene between Mo and Charlie.

  • Charlie stares at Mo as her car goes by but he trips and falls down.
  • Charlie stares at Mo during soccer tryouts, causing him to mess up.
  • When Scott leaves the table after talking to Mo, Charlie quickly comes and takes his place. Mo tells him about her problem.
  • Whenever Mo denies to do something (like denying the invitation to join Rising Star by Miss Reznik), so does Charlie.
  • When Mo says that she plans on not seeing Scott for the rest of her life in Dante's Pizzeria, Charlie looked surprised and seemed glad about it.
  • Charlie asked Mo out, but she said no.
  • Charlie was upset when Mo and Scott got back together.
  • Charlie was worried about Mo when she kept sneezing while they were playing at Dante's Pizzeria.