Mo Banjaree

Hair Color


Eye Color





August 8, 1994


Olivia White, Wen Gifford, Charlie Delgado, Stella Yamada

Romantic relationships

Scott Pickett


Can play bass guitar, play piano, play violin, play upright bass, and sing

Band Position

Bass guitarist/backup vocals


Lemonade Mouth

Portrayed by

Naomi Scott

Mohini "Mo" Banjaree is the bass player and the backup singer for the Lemonade Mouth. She is portrayed by Naomi Scott.

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About Mo

Mohini "Mo" Banjaree is an intelligent, shy, polite, follow-the-rules kind of girl. She strives to please her father, who has a dream of her being a "perfect Indian daughter," but when he's out of sight, she switches personas. She's eager to trade in her conservative sweaters and pleated skirts for short dresses and heels. It is possible that Mo can speak Hindi since she is originally from India. She is also in a relationship with Scott Pickett, which she keeps hidden from her father. She has a clear passion to express who she is.

"Mo is practical, very bright, a talented violinist and under the thumb of her very strict father. Once at school, though, Mo trades in her sensible sweater set for trendy dresses and her violin in for a guitar."


Mo, as she is on the author's website.


White guitar

Mo's bass guitar

  • "I'll tell my dad I have...extra credit, or..."
  • "It's me. I'm in the band. I play bass. No. We're actually not that bad."
  • "If a guy doesn't call for a few days, should a girl worry? I mean, you're a guy, right?"
  • "No, you're my friend, you're not a 'guy' guy!"
  • "I'm classically trained - on the violin! I don't play whatever this is!"
  • "Good luck with your movement, but I've got homework to do."
  • "Maybe we do matter..."
  • "We have nothing to talk about."
  • "Papa, we talked about this!"
  • "Scott eats here, and I pretty much plan on not seeing him again for the rest of my life"
  • "Charlie, we're just friends, good friends! That's all"
  • "No! Don't go!"
  • "Charlie's just a friend, Papa. And the band... it's just a little fun, that's all..."

How She Got Detention

Mo tried to skip class with Scott to see him practice for the Halloween Bash.



This user's other favorite pairing is Mott

Olivia White

These two are good friends, since they are both in Lemonade Mouth. They talk together about their problems and give each other courage. In the Extended Music Scene, Olivia saves Mo when Mo was questioned about her and Scott's relationship and Mo's father starts questioning her. Mo also went to Olivia's house with the rest of the band to comfort her after her cat Nancy died.

Wen Gifford

They are friends, but don't share much dialouge.

Charlie Delgado

They are friends, but Charlie has a crush on Mo, and Mo likes Scott. Charlie attempts to confess his feelings to her, but she turns him down, wanting to just remain friends. Thiss makes Charlie angry, and they get into a fight. He tells her that "be heard" is a stupid motto and he will never sing it again.

Stella Yamada

They are very good friends, and they talk a lot. Mo goes to help Stella when she protests the removal of the Mel's Lemonade machine.

Scott Pickett

Scott is Mo's secret boyfriend, because her dad won't allow her to have one. They are in opposing bands, which affects their relationship. Mo breaks up with Scott after seeing him flirting with another girl. Eventually, Scott apologizes, and Mo says they can be friends again, but she wants to take things slowly. They get back together in the end after Scott leaves his band and joins Lemonade Mouth.

Ray Beech

Mo does not like Ray at all. She thinks he is self-centered, and he is often very rude to her. He started a fight with her and her friends that resulted in her and her friends being sent back to detention.

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