Naomi Fishmier


Mo Banerjee (best friend), Olivia Whitehead, Stella Penn, Charlie Hirsh, Wen Gifford, Lyle Dwarkin.


Mother (mentioned)


Ray Beech, Scott Pickett, other Mudslide Crush band memebers, Patty Norris, Patty Keane


OHS "Scene Queen," student

Naomi Fishmier:

Naomi is Mo's best friend throughout the book. As the Opequonsett High School "Scene Queen," her journalism skills is what brings the book together.


Naomi is gossipy, smart, a little sneaky and perhaps sometimes a little too over-concered, but she is a loyal friend and always looks at Lemonade Mouth's sucess positively.


Naomi is described as having Coke-bottle-framed glasses.

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