Ray Beech

Hair color


Eye color

Light Blue


November 6, 1995


Mesa High


Scott Pickett and lots of girls


Can sing and rap

Band Position

Head rapper/Singer


Mudslide Crush

Portrayed By

Chris Brochu

About Ray Beech


Ray Beech is the lead singer and rapper of Mudslide Crush. He hates Lemonade Mouth and will do anything to stop it. He is a shallow, conceited soccer jock, that all of the girls love.


  • "You can't cancel the Crush!"
  • "No, we can't talk it out."
  • "Hey, nice costumes! Oh you're not wearing any?"


Scott Pickett

Scott and Ray were best friends, and have similar personalities. They were originally were in the same band (Mudslide Crush), but then Scott joined Lemonade Mouth and their friendship was ruined.

The Members of Lemonade Mouth

Ray hates all of the members of Lemonade Mouth, because they supposedly "stole" his spotlight. He bullies them and tries everything he can to get them shut down, and mostly gets away with it. In the end he fails to get Lemonade Mouth shut down and has a ruined friendship with Scott because he joined the opposing band.

Stella Yamada

Ray hates Stella and Lemonade Mouth, and the hatred between Stella and him is mutual. When Ray was somewhat bullying Olivia, Stella spits Mel's Lemonade in his face. Ray calls her "Lemonade Mouth" which then became their band's name.

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