Scott Pickett

Hair Color

Dark blond

Eye Color





January 7, 1995


Mesa High


Ray Beech, Mo Banjaree, Olivia White (later on), Wen Gifford (later on), Stella Yamada (later on), Charlie Delgado (later on)


Can play guitar and sing

Band Position

Guitar Player/Backup Singer


Mudslide Crush, later Lemonade Mouth

Portrayed By

Nick Roux

About Scott Pickett


Scott is a jock and a bad boy. Most of the time, he only cares about himself and his band. His feelings for his girlfriend, Mo, sometimes aren't even confirmed. As long as he's happy and his band, Mudslide Crush, is doing fine, he doesn't care about much of anything else.

"A cute high school soccer jock, Scott is a good kid but a little self-absorbed and a member of the dominant band at their high school, Mudslide Crush."


  • "Whaaaat?"
  • "I dunno, just a whole bunch of nobodies."
  • "No, man... they're great."
  • "My music is important to me...You know that."
  • "Look, Mo... I still have feelings for you."
  • "I have no idea what she's talking about!"


Ray Beech

Ray is Scott's best friend until the end of the movie, when Scott helps Lemonade Mouth on stage. Ray says if he helps them he can join another band, but Scott goes out there anyway. They are both soccer jocks and self-centered, so that's probably why they got along throughout the movie.

Mo Banjaree

Mo is Scott's secret girlfriend. They don't always seem to get along very well, and even broke up because Mo thought he was cheating on her. But soon, Scott realizes what he did was wrong and he wanted Mo, and they got back together.

The Members of Lemonade Mouth

At first, Scott didn't like Lemonade Mouth or any of it's members- including Mo. But during Rising Star, he goes to help them and eventually joins the band. He is currently a guitar player and a backup singer for Lemonade Mouth.

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