So, it's true :) There really is a Lemonade Mouth book sequel. Lemonade Mouth 2! Wahoo!


He posted on the Lemonade Mouth website...

"When we reach 10,000 twitter followers, Lemonade Mouth author Mark Peter Hughes promises to post a video reading the entire first scene of Lemonade Mouth 2!"

That's right! So, if you have twitter, follow @lemonade_mouth!

If he gets enough followers, we'll be getting a special sneak peak into the sequel!


Isn't that amazing?!? If there's a second book, they must make a second movie! I can't get enough of this lemonade :) (even though it's not the best drink out there...) I won't leave you with a photo this time, I'm too full of excitement :D

InSpeck -Naomi Scott Rules!- Lmouthcast2 and so does Lemonade Mouth!!

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