K, so, I was browsing through Mark Peter Hughes' Lemonade Mouth website, and managed to click the February archive. I found this awesome video!!! And I thought I just had to share it with everyone else :D

Most of it is the cast, hanging out, having fun, partying (not that bad one, the totally safe and friendly one xD). But some of it shows Naomi, Chris, and Hayley in the car, rocking out to Yeah 3x by Chris Brown (the song's great) and Chris is driving, Hayley's in the passenger seat, with the camera and Naomi's in the back. They're singing along, yeah, and also where it shows the cast (Bridgit, Blake, Adam, Hayley, Naomi and Nick) breaking a pinata for fun behind a building. From what they're wearing, I was pretty sure the video was recorded after they had a photoshoot.

I know I might've given a spoiler, but there's lots more in the video, so.... WATCH IT!!


If I find more, I'll be sure to share it :D I hope you like the video, cuz I sure do!

InSpeck -Naomi Scott Rules!- Lmouthcast2 and so does Lemonade Mouth!!

Oh, one more thing...

Finally! A Disney cast that's cool and awesome :) And I still can't believe Naomi's only 18 (thought she was older) xD

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