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    The Terminator!

    May 23, 2011 by Noah137

    I have made a parody of Determinate. It goes to the tone of it. It is based upon the movie Terminator. (which I haven't seen, too violent. I like wikipedia and its info!)

    Trying hard to fight him.
    I'm crazy afraid.
    Messin' with my world this fear.
    I'm so sorry.
    You know I gotta save the world.
    But I can't do this.
    That's what hydraulic presses are for...

    I, I'm gonna fight.
    I can't quite cry.
    Tonight I'm gonna run and hide.
    And run inside.
    This ain't quite right.
    He is gonna end my life.
    I know I, I know I, I know I gotta do it.
    I know I, I know I, I know I gotta kill him!

    Gotta turn the world into your time machine!
    The Terminator! The Terminator!
    You will yell until he explodes more!
    The Terminator! The Terminator!
    You and me together we will be the…

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