If any user has an idea for a userbox, ask any of our admins and we'll make it or you can make it yourself and we'll see if we approve it or not.


Userboxes can be put into any text space. To make a userbox appear, put two { in front of and behind the key word. (The key word is put in the left side of the box below) Example: If you would like to make a userbox for Olivia, you would put { {Olivia} } except without the spaces between the {.

Oliviawhite This user supports Olivia White!
Naomi-scott-mo-bandara-05 This user supports Mo Banjaree!
Blake-michael-charlie-delgado-02 This user supports Charlie Delgado!
Hayley-kiyoko-stella-yamamada-05 This user supports Stella Yamada!
Adam-hicks-wendall-gifford This user supports Wen Gifford!
Scottpickett This user supports Scott Pickett!
Lemonade-Mouth-Music-Video-500x360 This user loves the band Lemonade Mouth and its musicians!
Mudslidecrush This user loves the band Mudslide Crush and its musicians!
Nickroux lemonademouth This user supports Mott!
Marlie 2 This user supports Marlie!
LemonadeMouth2 This user supports Wenvia!
Lemonade Mouth book
Lemonademouththebook This user has read the Lemonade Mouth book by Mark Peter Hughes.
Lemonade-mouth-dvd This user can't wait for Lemonade Mouth 2!
Lmouthcast13 This user wished that the Mel's Lemonade Machine was real.
Turn Up the Music
Turnupthemusic This user's favorite song is Turn Up the Music!
She's So Gone
Shes so gone This user's favorite song is She's So Gone!
Don't Ya Wish U Were Us
Dont ya wish u were us This user's favorite song is Don't Ya Wish U Were Us!
Somebody This user's favorite song is Somebody!
And the Crowd Goes
And the crowd goes This user's favorite song is And the Crowd Goes!
Determinate This user's favorite song is Determinate!
Here We Go
Here we go This user's favorite song is Here We Go!
More Than a Band
More than a band This user's favorite song is More Than a Band!
Breakthrough This user's favorite song is Breakthrough!
Livin' On a Highwire
LOAHWscene This user's favorite song is Livin' On a Highwire!
Ontheview!!!! This user jumped up and down when the cast of Lemonade Mouth announced Lemonade Mouth 2!!

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