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Wen Gifford and Charlie Delgado


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Werlie is the friendship pairing of Wen Gifford and Charlie Delgado.

What is Werlie?

The friendship pairing of Wen Gifford and Charlie Delgado. They are very close friends.

(We/n + Cha/rlie)

This is only a friendship pairing!

This currently rivals Wenvia (Wen + Oli/via) and Marlie (M/o + Ch/arlie)

Additional Pairing Names for Werlie

  • Wenarlie (Wen + Ch/arlie)
  • Chen (Ch/arlie + W/en)
  • Wenlie (Wen + Char/lie)
  • Welie (We/n + Char/lie)

Werlie Moments

  • Wen and Charlie rapped together.
  • Wen came over when he saw Mo Banjaree and Charlie talking while he say's 'Am I interrupting something?' While Mo and Charlie both say 'No', he had an uncertain look on his face that says "Are you sure?", hinting he might be a Marlie shipper.
  • Wen walks in the girls bathroom with Charlie.
  • Charlie blocks the door so no girls would see them in the bathroom.

Fan Base

Since Lemonade Mouth is on Disney Channel is a kids show this can only be shipped as a friendship pair!

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